How a halibut that was in the ocean gets to a plate in Boise, Idaho hours later thanks to our jet-fresh program

Where does our halibut come from?

• It depends on the season. Halibut season in Alaska is from February - December.  • During January we get product from the waters in the Atlantic.

It's hard to get any fresher than this!

Fish that were just in the ocean hours before are packed on ice and sent overnight to us.

Manny gets started doing what Manny does*

*and he's really good at it

We told you Manny is good at this. 

In no time flat, the fish is filleted 

Now that is how it's done! A 50-pound halibut cleaned with  no waste!

Halibut filets are portioned and weighed for consistency...

and ready for service!

Order in!

The halibut filet is seasoned, seared on the stove and finished in the oven. 

Meanwhile, there are LOTS of other components to prepare!

Like the yummy sauce!

And that's how we get to the finished dish!  For the halibut, click the button below and catch a reservation!