Chandlers is Boise’s go-to for special occasions. One reason for that is our chocolate soufflé.

• Soufflés originated from the French cookbook by Auguste Escoffier. • Published in 1903, it instantly became the culinary bible of  French cuisine.

The Difference Between Chocolate Soufflé and Molten Lava Cake

While often confused, soufflés are very different from molten lava cakes.

Texture:  Lava cake has a runny center, whereas a soufflé incorporates whipped egg whites that puff up as it cooks to create a pillowy texture.

Density:  Lava cake, because of the gooey center, is a much wetter and denser cake. The very essence of a soufflé is its characteristic lightness.

Presentation: Lava cakes get inverted onto a serving dish so when cut into a chocolate river flows.

Soufflés are served in a ramekin and start to deflate soon after being removed from the oven.

The original recipe for our chocolate soufflé was developed by Chef Luis back in the 70s when he worked at the Lavia Ritz in Newport Beach.


Soufflé is served!

complete with grand marnier cream, chocolate sauce and table side presentation!

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