camping with Chandlers butcher block

Take a Chandlers Butcher Block camping and you'll be the envy  of the whole campground!

It's easy! Pick up a Butcher Block on the way out of town and settle into your campsite in style.

Dinner is in the bag!

• 2 salads

limousine + steakhouse wedge

• 2 entrées

ribeye + halibut

• 2 sides

broccolini + mac + cheese

• 1 dessert

fromage blanc cheesecake

First up, get the charcoal going in the grill while enjoying the view!

Now is also a great time to open some wine if you haven't already!

While the charcoal heats up bring the steak up to temp. We chose the ribeye but there are other cuts too!

We're heating the mac + cheese in cast iron over an open fire. 

We covered the pan with foil for a little extra heat retention.


PRIME [ribeye] TIME!

Add a little liquid, and the broccolini, to the cast iron skillet and re-cover with foil.


Flip the steak and take another sip of wine 


While the steak rests, nestle the tray of fish with the foil cover on in the hot coils.

Plate the salads. Slice the steak. Plate the fish.

And just like that,  dinner is ready and you're the envy of the campground!

A sweet ending  to our Butcher Block goes camping story!

Start your Butcher Block Story by clicking on the link below and calling 208.383.4300 to order!