The chocolate soufflé has long been a favorite at Chandlers for special occasions.

The original recipe for our chocolate soufflé was developed by Chef Luis back in the 70s when he worked at the Lavia Ritz in Newport Beach.

Pastry chef Angie makes 30-50 soufflés a day! “We have a dedicated convection oven just for the soufflés and, of course, no slamming the door!”

For maximum fluffiness, the batter is made daily.

and cocoa... lots of cocoa!

It all starts with  butter milk sugar vanilla espresso*

*don't worry! It's decaf!

Those ingredients are slowly cooked and mixed with flour and egg yolks to form the rich, chocolatey batter.

The batter is carefully mixed with fluffy, whipped egg whites just until incorporated so not to deflate the airiness.


The batter is added to a sugar ramekin and baked for 20 minutes*.

* no slamming the oven door allowed!

Soufflé is served!

It's dessert and a show with a table-side presentation that includes Grand Marnier cream and a rich chocolate sauce.

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