Boise’s Smoked ribeye

How USDA prime beef becomes smoked ribeye in 36 hours at downtown Boise's best steakhouse.

Where does the ribeye come from?

The ribeye cut of steak is known for 

 generous marbeling

tender texture

full flavor

We start with USDA grade prime beef

To ensure the best quality end product we start with the best raw product available. 

Manny applies the super-secret* spice rub.

* So secret he won't even tell us what's in it!

The ribeyes rest in the fridge and absorb all the spicy goodness overnight.


The ribeyes smoke over pieces of real hickory wood for two hours.

Steaks are then cut, weighed...

and portioned for service!

Order in!

All our steaks are cooked in our special Montague oven that reaches 1500°.

Ribeyes are best enjoyed medium to medium rare.

As they say, smoke 'em if you've got 'em and we've got 'em so hope to see you soon!