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Ten Minute Martini™

Basil Hayden's Bourbon Whiskey

Basil Hayden’s Bourbon Whiskey – Best of Boise, Among Other Things…

The restaurants and bars in the City of Trees — Boise, Idaho, that is — boast appropriately beautiful woodwork, rambunctious yet overly courteous staffs, and craft cocktails which speak to the town’s once rough-and-tumble Western ways as much as they speak to the posh, cosmopolitan environs which infrastructure of industry and economy have brought to the place. After spending some time there, I found the best way to experience the town’s sprawling night life was to walk from place to place, watering hole to watering hole, before laying your head to rest for the night.

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Food & Beverage World - Chandlers Chocolate Soufflé

Chandlers Prime Steaks & Seafood: World Class Dining in Boise

We always enjoy going out to dinner on Sunday Night as it is generally not as crowded, gives you something to look forward to and lengthens your weekend. We had heard that Chandlers Prime Steaks & Seafood in Downtown Boise was offering a Prix Fixe three course Prime Rib Dinner for only $27.00 and knew we’d better check it out.

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ByLanderSea Travel Tales – The Best in Boise: Chandler’s Ten Minute Martini

I’d never been to Idaho before and after receiving a guidebook from the state’s office of Tourism, I was downright excited. I flew into Boise, the state capital, arriving in the afternoon. I found the land surprisingly flat, but with wonderful foothills in the distance.

My tour would start with a kick-off dinner for members of the International Food, Wine and Travel Writes Association at Chandlers, a favorite local restaurant known for their steaks and Idaho-sourced ingredients. Chandler’s was also the recipient of a 2013 Wine Spectator ‘Best of Award of Excellence’ for their impressive wine list.

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Idaho RubyTrout “a la Gravlax” at Chandler’s in Boise

Incredible Idaho and the 10 Minute Martini

I was looking forward to dinner at Chandlers not only because they have a reputation for exceptional food, but also because I had been hearing about the legendary 10 Minute Martini they serve. Curious, several of us ordered them and waited dutifully. At the end of the evening, bartender Pat Carden joined us table side and told us the history of the drink. We feasted on true Idaho fare: Ruby Trout a la “Gravlax” as the starter, pan-roasted Snake River Sturgeon with a jade rice risotto, Lava Lake Lamb Loin with a polenta soufflé, American Kobe Beef with roasted garlic potatoes and baby carrots all topped off with a lemon curd tartlet with huckleberry sauce. Read More

Ten Minute Martini

The Story of the Ten Minute Martini™

What’s Archimedes Got to Do With It?

The Story of the Ten Minute Martini™ and why it’s arguably the finest martini you’ll ever taste.

More than thirty years ago I stumbled on a martini preparation that eventually became known as the Ten-Minute Martini™. As you’ll see, this was a bartender’s accident pure and simple.

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