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Dining at a DiRōNA Awarded Restaurant


What does it mean to dine at a DiRōNA Awarded restaurant?

Distinguished Restaurants of North America has been awarding restaurants since 1992. Out of over 300 restaurants awarded that year, we still have more than 50 that are in operation today. Currently, there are almost 700 Awarded restaurants across North America including 4 in the Caribbean!

There are four main ingredients that a DiRoNA restaurant must display to achieve a distinctive dining experience:

  • Menu – DiRoNA Awarded restaurants serve unique and flavorful dishes. The presentation is an integral part of the dining experience. Any cuisine will be exquisitely prepared and plated. Many restaurants will offer menu experiences which include farm fresh ingredients, often from local or on property farms.
  • Wine & Spirits – A well thought out selection of reds, whites, rose, sparkling, and dessert wines from all over the world at all price points will ensure there is something for the discerning palate. Every wine list at a DiRōNA Awarded restaurant reflects wines chosen to pair with each dish. A well-chosen spirit selection will round out the menu. Many of our DiRoNA Awarded restaurants will have a Sommelier on hand to help with wine selection.
  • Service – Nothing less than exceptional, the service at a DiRoNA Awarded restaurant will demonstrate each guest is valued. From the moment a guest walks through the door to the last step out, the patron will feel they have been treated with the utmost importance.
  • Ambiance – When patrons walk into a DiRoNA Awarded restaurant, they will enter a space where they can enjoy their meal. Our Awarded restaurants create an atmosphere that will make them feel like they’ve found something special.

It is the successful combination of these four pillars of distinguished dining that create an exceptional experience, the DiRoNA Awarded restaurant.

When you think of the place you call for reservations for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, date night, or just because, it should be a DiRoNA Awarded restaurant. You can be sure that you will receive the best food, wine, service, and experience.

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