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The Lounge at Chandlers

Home to the Ten Minute Martini™ and Live Jazz Seven Nights a Week!

Boise Restaurant with Live Entertainment

Welcome to Chandlers Martini Bar. Sip on a creation from bar manager Ryan Forsythe and his tenured team including local favorites, Kami Berger, Thomas Chapman and John Staubhar. Or try one of our famous Ten-Minute Martinis, created by Boise legend, Pat Carden, and winner of the Best Classic Martini in the Martini Mix-Off. Find out more about what makes this martini special below.

Our Martini Bar opens daily at 4:00 P.M. for cocktails and appetizers.

There’s live music seven nights a week from a variety of amazing performers. Our musicians are hand-picked by our musical director, and renowned musician, Mike Rosenthal. The wine list features over 700 selections, two dozen wines-by-the-glass, and we have been recognized by Wine Spectator for our wine list every year since opening in 1999, earning the Best Award of Excellence since 2014. See the wine selections here. 

Chandlers Cocktail Menu


ten-minute vesper reconsidered 14.
plymouth gin, revolution vodka, lillet, orange bitters

nobility 14.
botanist gin, parfait amour, lillet, lemon twist

taylor made 14.
japanese rice vodka, spanish olives

mr. belvedere 14.
belvedere “smógory forest” single estate rye vodka, dry vermouth, lemon twist


the squeeze 13.
44° north nectarine vodka, orange curaçao, lemon juice, sugar, lemon twist

huckleberry lemon drop 13.
koenig huckleberry vodka, revolution vodka, huckleberry liqueur, lemon juice, sugar rim

smoke + silk 15.
casamigos mezcal, belle de brillet, fresh lemon, ango bitters, dehydrated orange

red light 16.
patron, blood orange cordial, lime, grand marnier, salted rim

yellow light 13.
tito’s, cinnamon + vanilla infused simple, fresh lemon, soda

green light 14.
green chartreuse, plymouth gin, lemon, simple, dehydrated lemon, cracked pepper

fever of the mad 14.
empress gin, orange slice, fever tree grapefruit soda

the jazzman 14.
makers mark bourbon, green chartreuse, antiqua + orange bitters, flamed orange peel

brown sugar 2.0 14.
bulleit bourbon, brown sugar simple, chocolate + walnut bitters, orange zest, amarena cherry


employees only manhattan 14.
templeton rye, sweet vermouth, grand marnier, ango + orange bittters, orange zest amarena cherry

boulevardier 14.
bulleit rye, campari, sweet vermouth, flamed orange

sazerac 14.
sazerac rye, hennessy vs, peychaud’s + angostura bitters, sugar, absinthe rinse, flamed lemon peel

vieux carré 14.
templeton rye, hennessy vs, sweet vermouth, peychaud’s + angostura bitters, bénédictine, lemon peel

old fashioned 14.
elijah craig bourbon, demera simple, ango + orange bitters, orange peel, amarena cherry

mr. squyre’s negroni 14.
boodles gin, campari, sweet vermouth, flamed orange peel

martinez 13.
tanqueray, antica sweet vermouth, luxardo maraschino liqueur, ango bitters, orange zest

corpse reviver no. 2 14.
old tom ransom gin, lillet, triple sec, fresh lemon, absinthe rinse, dehydrated lemon

cosmopolitan 12.
vodka, orange liquor, lime + cranberry juices, lime

ketel one mule 13.
ketel one vodka, ginger beer, lime juice

mojito 13.
bacardi rum, fresh mint, lime juice, simple, soda


irish coffee 12.
blatantly stolen from the buena vista in san francisco

spanish coffee 12.
grand marnier, kahlua, 151 rum, whipped cream, caramelized sugar rim

haute toddy 12.
makers mark bourbon, ginger + honey-infused simple, fresh lemon, dash of whiskey bitters, hot water, dehydrated lemon garnish

skrews loose 14.
skrewball peanut butter whiskey, bumbu rum, godiva, whipped cream, sugar rim

The Story of the Ten Minute Martini™