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MSN's The Best Seafood Restaurant in All 50 States

The Best Seafood Restaurant in All 50 States

by MSN

Idaho: Chandler’s

When you think of seafood, Boise, Idaho, might not come to mind — but Chandler’s could change that, with a quality statement on the menu that promises all Pacific-sourced seafood is shipped directly to the restaurant within 24 hours of being caught, with lobster tail, abalone, sea bass, and more choices on the menu.

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The 50 Best Steak Houses In America

The 50 Best Steak Houses In America

by Big 7 Travel

Nothing beats a night out at a great steak house; the good news is that the USA is packed with them and steak in America is among the very best in the world.

With such endless choice and so many world class options we decided to pick the best of the best, with one must-visit place from each state.

After finding the best burgers, pizza and coffee in each state, it’s time for a deliciously meaty tour of America. Prepare to drool: this is the best American steak you can eat in 2019…

12. Chandlers – Boise, Idaho

Chandlers cook up not only some of the best steaks in the area, but also world class seafood, wines and cocktails served alongside live jazz entertainment. A truly great place to have a special night out with friends or family. Choose from a large range of cuts which are either slow-cooked or seared to your liking.

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Chandlers selected one of America’s 50 Best Steakhouses for 2017

Chandlers named one of America’s 50 Best Steakhouses for 2017

Love a good steak? Then these shrines to meat should be on your list. From grand Las Vegas carnivore temples helmed by world-famous chefs to old-school Middle-American chophouses where a rib-eye is preceded by a visit to the salad bar, from clubby Chicago dining rooms loaded with mahogany and brass to New York institutions with now-household names, America has no shortage of great steakhouses. These are the 50 best.

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Chandlers Serves The World’s Best Beef

Chef David Knickrehm in Idaho’s Sysco Kitchen talks with Rex Chandler and Chef Luis Flores about Chandlers using the world’s best beef. Chandlers restaurant is known for their prime steaks, and sources their beef from four main sources; USDA Prime (considered to be the benchmark in the US grading system), American Kobe (combination of Wagyu and Black Angus, which is richly marbled), Japanese Wagyu (directly imported from Japan, and it is the most marbled steak available – absolutely the prime), and also a natural, organic grass-fed beef from Eastern Oregon.

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