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The Very Best Steakhouses to Try in Every State

December 17, 2015 – Yahoo – Article by Matt Meltzer

There may be no more purely American food than the epic slab of meat known as a steak. Sure, the Argentines and Australians have their own take on it, but nothing says “US of A” like devouring a piece of beef bigger than your head in the bold attempt to get your name on a plaque.

And when it comes to creating comfortable places to devour said meat, we’re the best in the world at that too. Just look at these 21 places. Truth be told, though, the best steakhouses in the United States are as different as the states themselves. In North Dakota, maybe it’s a supper club on a ranch; in Milwaukee, an ultra-modern (this can’t be Wisconsin???) joint frequented by half the Green Bay Packers. Who knows.

But we wanted to at least know what residents consider the top spot to eat meat in each of their respective states, and to do that, we spoke to locals, chefs, and state tourism boards, as well as consulted online reviews. And after all the opinions were tallied, we narrowed it down to these 51 spots, or the filet mignon of American steakhouses.

Idaho – Chandlers

Sure, “local sourcing” in Idaho is pretty easy when you’re talking about side dishes – potatoes! But what about local beef? Well, they’ve got that covered too: Snake River Farms in Boise provides much of the prime, American Wagyu, and other high-grade beef at the city’s finest steakhouse. Throw in a martini bar helmed by Martini Mix-Off winner Pat Carden, and you’ve got the best beef joint in the Gem State.

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