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Vendor Highlight: Living Sky Farms

Today we’re talkin’ turkey about one of our vendor partners, Living Sky Farms. We are proud to be sourcing all of our turkeys this Thanksgiving from this family farm in Weiser, Idaho.

Duane and Kimberly Thiessen, along with their four adorable kids, are dedicated to growing food with no shortcuts. This year they raised 200 organic, GMO-free and free-range turkeys ranging in weight from 15-21 pounds. They aren’t stressed or kept in cramped cages. They spend their days grazing in big, open, grassy fields in the sunshine.

Besides turkeys, Living Sky Farms also has cows, chickens and sheep.
When we asked Kimberly if they had any pets, she responded, “We try to make sure most of our animals have a purpose so we don’t have many pets per se. Our four milk cows are like giant dogs. Their names are Opal, Charlie, Addy, and Lily. We have a big Turkish Boz dog that is supposed to guard our birds but is better at licking children. We also have two old cattle dogs (one is deaf) that pretend to herd cattle. We move our cows every day to fresh grass so they are quite friendly and personable.”

Roots Zero Waste Market

We learned about Living Sky Farms through our friends at Roots Zero Waste Market. Zach Yunker, also a server and part of the Chandlers family, together with Lea Rainey created the first full-service zero-waste grocery store and café in the U.S. and it’s right here in Boise (well, technically Garden City)! They tackle excessive packaging and food waste by offering a wide selection of healthy foods, cleaning products, and personal items in bulk. They source products that are not only plastic-free but ethically manufactured and sustainably sourced. They carry fresh eggs from Living Sky Farms year-round and their turkeys seasonally.

Living Sky Farms Turkeys at Chandlers

With such a great product, it’s all about letting it shine. Chef Mike is preparing the turkeys this year with a citrus brine followed by slow roasting. Our traditional Thanksgiving plate comes with sundried tomato cornbread stuffing on the side, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, turkey jus gravy, Brussels sprouts and orange cranberry relish. Part of the three-course prix fixe menu, choose from a selection of salads and soups to start and a seasonal dessert to round out your holiday meal. This menu is available for Thanksgiving day dine-in or pre-order take-out.

Our goal is always to source the highest-quality product available and to support local businesses when possible. Our partnership with Living Sky Farms and Roots Market is a win all the way around.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Follow the adventures of the farm here and visit Roots Market at 3308 W Chinden Blvd, Garden City, ID 83714.

All photos courtesy of Living Sky Farms.