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Boise’s Best Scallops

We opened in 2007 with our classic scallop dish on the menu. Even if we wanted to take it off (we haven’t), or wanted to change it (we don’t), we couldn’t because it has become such a customer favorite. 

3 Things That Set Our Scallops Apart

There are many restaurants in Boise with scallops on the menu. So what makes ours so unique?

Boise's Best Scallops are at Chandlers
  1. Size
    Scallops are sized in two ways. The first is how many it takes to make a pound, similar to how shrimp are often rated. The smaller the number, the larger the seafood is. For example, a “20/30” means it would take 20 to 30 shrimp or scallops to make a pound.
    The other way to designate scallop size uses a “U,” which stands for “under.” For example, an U 10 means it takes under ten scallops to make a pound. U 8/10 are the largest scallops available and are what we use for our dish.
  2. No Additives
    Often scallops are packed in a phosphate solution to extend their transport time, turn them white, and plump them up. The solution can have a slightly soapy taste, and all that extra liquid makes it hard to cook the scallops well. They end up simmering in the liquid as it releases vs. getting the desired golden caramelization.
    Our day boat scallops are never frozen. They come fresh from the Atlantic Ocean packed in nothing but their juice for a scallop that tastes like the sea and cooks up to perfection!
  3. Prepared with Care
    We get a beautiful golden pan-seared crust on our scallops and then set them on top of a truffled potato cake. Sautéed shiitake mushrooms and a drizzle of a citrus beurre blanc finish the dish.
Boise's Best Scallops at Chandlers

What to Drink with Boise’s Best Scallops

We caught up with General Manager, David Boyle, to get his recommendations on what wines on the menu he’d pair with our scallops.  

  • Thevenet & Fils, Macon Pierreclos, Macon-Villages, FR ’18
    Light, elegant, and mineral-rich, this is a lovely Macon. It sees no oak; it’s just pure Chardonnay. This wine provides a nice contrast to the scallops’ richness and beurre blanc and heightens the dish’s umami flavors.
  • Ramey, Fort Ross-Seaview, CA ’17
    This wine shows up with a full force of ripe fruit and oak in its aromas and flavors. This wine’s texture and depth is a more complementary pairing style as it will harmoniously meld with the buttery textures on the plate.
  • Frederic Magnien, Bourgogne, Burgundy, FR ’17
    Aromas of black cherries, raspberries, and earth. Bright, fresh, and juicy; flavors of raspberries, blueberry jam, baking spices. This Pinot Noir will contrast its bright fruits and acidity nicely against the earthiness of the truffled potato cake, mushrooms, and rich scallop.
  • Champagne! With its yeasty and creamy characteristics, true French Champagne is always a great match with scallops.

David adds, “I’d stay away from big, bold, tannic wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah as they will likely overpower the more nuanced flavors of this dish. However, the truffle and mushrooms and overall richness of this dish make it rather versatile for enjoying a variety of wine choices.”

It’s the attention to every little detail along the way – from starting with the absolute highest-quality product to cooking it with precision and care – that allows us to serve what we think is easily Boise’s best scallops.