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Boise’s Smoked Ribeye

As the saying goes, smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em. We decided to do just that.

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What’s the Big Deal about USDA Prime Beef?

At Chandlers, we start with USDA prime beef for all our steaks.

  • That’s a big deal as only about 2% of all the beef produced in the United States grades as Prime.
  • While it’s sometimes possible to find Prime in retail, by and large, the majority of it is sold to restaurants.
  • It’s generally produced from younger cattle and is known to be tender, juicy, and have the most marbling.
  • In short, it’s the highest quality American beef there is.

Where Does the Ribeye Come From?

The ribeye comes from the center of the prime rib and it’s a favorite amongst many a steak lover out there. It’s known for its:

  • Generous marbling – this fat plays a major role when the beef is cooked
  • Tender – this area of the cattle doesn’t get a lot of exercise yielding meat that is tender
  • Full flavor – the fat in the marbling melts into the meat during cooking and infuses it with rich, flavorful juices

The ribeye is best cooked medium to medium rare to really highlight all these traits.

Making Chandlers Smoked Ribeye

  1. We get the full ribeye roasts in and our Kitchen Manager, Manny Martinez, trims them to our specifications.
  2. He then applies our super-secret spice rub and put them in the cooler overnight to soak up all the flavors.
  3. The next day, the ribeye roasts smoke over hickory wood for approximately two hours.
  4. The smoked beef is then cut into steaks, weighed for consistency, and packaged in portions.
  5. When a smoked ribeye is ordered, the steak is placed on a cast iron pan with butter and turned regularly to get that beautiful seared outside and delicious caramelization. It is then finished in our special Montague oven that reaches a temperature of 1500°.

Two Ways to Enjoy Chandlers Smoked Ribeye

Butcher Block at Home

You can, of course, enjoy our smoked ribeye in-house but did you also know it’s part of our Butcher Block program? Our Butcher Blocks are where you can get some of our favorite proteins hand cut, trimmed and ready-to-cook at home. Order à la carte or as a dinner for two complete with side dishes. You can even add any bottle of wine from our award-winning list and take 25% off the menu price! Click here to see the menus!

Order Up!

Our smoke ribeye, like all our steaks, is cooked to your liking and served with a broiled tomato provençale, charred broccolini, and a red pepper coulis. They also come with your choice of three sauces – béarnaise, cognac peppercorn, or fresh chimichurri.