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Chandlers Brings the Prime Steakhouse To Boise

An interview with Rex Chandler, Proprietor of Boise’s award-winning Chandlers Steakhouse

What inspired you to open Chandlers Steakhouse in Boise’s downtown?
CHANDLER—Opening this restaurant was the rewarding culmination of decades of work. I have been a restaurateur all of my adult life and owned several fine-dining restaurants in Hawaii and California prior to moving to Ketchum nearly 15 years ago to raise my son—a choice I still consider to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I absolutely love Idaho. It’s my new paradise. I am proud of the success of my Ketchum restaurants—Chandler’s and Baci Italian Café—and those ventures gave me the perfect vantage point from which to observe the Boise market while waiting for the perfect time and opportunity to create a distinctively different dining experience.

What is it about the prime steakhouse concept that made it the right fit for Boise?
CHANDLER—I felt that Boise was ready for a true steakhouse with the perfect balance of upscale cuisine, professional service, and an inviting interior capped off with soothing, live jazz. Quality speaks for itself: our menu is based on the classics— whether it be escargot, Maryland crab cake, oysters Rockefeller, prime New York steak, or a chocolate soufflé. I want to impress you with unparalleled cuisine, consistently served to you perfectly prepared, hot, and on time. I wanted the restaurant to be the ideal place for those seeking a reliably superior experience that would raise the bar on fine dining in Boise.

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