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Facebook Fans Strike Again! Love is in the air…

Congratulations to Kris Perdew who won a dinner for two at Chandlers, plus a night at the Hotel 43.

Here is his story submitted through our Facebook page…

Back in 2010, I was living in Orlando, Florida. I had been single since 2004, and had pretty much resigned myself to the idea that I would probably spend the rest of my life as a single man. I spent a lot of my free time listening to music on a website called On that site, you select songs that you want to play, and other ‘blippers’ are able to comment, or give you a ‘thumbs-up’, based on your musical selections (much like facebook posts). Around mid-July of 2010, I began to get a lot of positive feedback about my music from a blipper named ‘tammik’. I checked out her playlist, and was impressed with her taste in music (I put a LOT of stock in that sort of thing). A link to her facebook page was posted on her profile page – I checked it out, and found out her name was Tammi. I ‘friended’ her on facebook, and we began a facebook friendship. Our facebook friendship evolved into frequent emails, and later on to nightly marathon phone conversations. Even though those phone calls went on deep into the night, they never got old or boring – – – instead they caused me to fall for her – bigtime. As the days and weeks went by, we got to know every little thing about each other. One night, we were discussing our mutual fear of remarrying, and I said to Tammi, “You know what? I’d marry you.” Tammi echoed my sentiments, telling me she’d love to marry me! After extensive further discussion, we decided that we would indeed get married, and I would move to Idaho (Kuna, to be exact). So, on September 17, 2010, I flew from Orlando to Boise. When I got off the plane, I would be face-to-face with Tammi for the FIRST time. As I walked through the airport, I spotted her! I walked up to her, dropped my carry-on bag, and we kissed. After our first kiss, I looked into her beautiful blue eyes, and KNEW that I had done the right thing. Later that afternoon, we exchanged wedding vows! Tammi is everything I ever hoped for in a wife: best friend, a fantastic mom to her kids, smart, funny, beautiful…all that rolled into one. I had never believed in the concept of a soulmate until I met and married Tammi. I am very, very fortunate to be married to this wonderful woman.

P.S. – she says your chocolate souffle is the best thing she has EVER tasted!

– Kris Perdew

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