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Chandlers Recognizes Local Administrative Professionals

For the month of April, Chandlers Facebook pages were sprinkled with at least 22 nominations for the “Stellar Administrative Professional”. Our deserving gift was a special “Getaway” with us at Hotel 43 and dinner for 2!

We are pleased to share with you that while several individuals stood out to us, these folks were ultimately stars in our eyes as well as their fellow colleagues.

Our top recipient was nominated by four people, all separately, so that says a lot to us right there.

Chandlers School

Chandlers MardeeJana Tyler, Kim Hyde, Sonja Rhodes and Pam Erdman all nominated Mardee Albright of Cherry Gulch as an amazing Administrative Professional. Cherry Gulch is a boarding school for therapeutic school for boys ages 10-16 in Emmett. This past year Mardee’s husband went through radiation for prostate cancer and this woman never missed a beat! She maintains schedules for at least three professionals and keeps track of 60+ employees everyday in addition to our boys. When you mention needing something in the near future, she has it in your hands within minutes. She and her husband deserve a special evening where they are the ones receiving, not giving. Congratulations to Mardee for an amazing job!

Our second runner up was too hard to select since they came to us a lump sum group from a recognizable firm in Boise, Heathwise. Tracy Landauer recognized her entire administrative team at Healthwise as she says, “It would be impossible to single out just one of these inordinately talented, capable multi-taskers. They exhibit grace under pressure no matter their workload – and their workload is significant, between people, paperwork, and things that pop up without warning. They excel at both working independently and as team players who back one another up. They present the best possible first impressions to callers, clients, and colleagues. And to complement this high-performing skill-set, each brings a spirit of collaboration. Our administrative team is part of what makes Healthwise such a wonderful place to work, and truly it wouldn’t work without them.”

Congratulations to Caralea Hopingardner, Cindy Gustavsen, Erica Reis, Jan Boyno, Jan Kirkhart, Kacy Laragan, Michelle Vicars and Marsha Wadsworth.
Chandlers Healthwise
A special “shout out” also goes to Michele Stanford at Eagle Hills Elementary and to Katie Van Vorhis at the Office of the Ada County Public Defender.

Thank you to all the fans out there that make these recognitions and highlights fun and enjoyable. Keep them coming. We are running another one for our special Mother’s Day Brunch!

See you online!

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