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Facebook Fan of the Month: April 2012

Congratulations to Leann Christine who won a dinner for two at Chandlers, plus a night at the Hotel 43.

Here’s Leann’s post from April…

This is Me and My wonderful Husband at Chandlers on 14Feb2011! Our Wedding Day!! We planned on visiting again this year for our first Anniverary but unfortunatly Scott is currently serving in Afganistain. He left just 3 weeks after our baby girl,Emilee, was born. We talk on Skype when the mission permits us to but the days we can’t are tough! When he gets Home in June sometime, we plan on coming to Chandlers for our first romantic evening out in over year! There is no where else I would want to go with him! I can’t wait!! So I hope you guys are ready for us because we will be the cute overly lovey cuddley couple that makes every one else roll their eyes!! Haha! Only 5-8 weeks left!!

– Leann Christine

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