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Thrillist’s 31 Best Steakhouses In America

The 31 Best Steakhouses In America

Thrillist – Food & Drink

Thrillist just published its list of the 31 Best Steakhouses in America and guess which Idaho steakhouse made the cut!

No matter how many food trends come and go, the steakhouse is always there, waiting to welcome special-occasion celebrators, expense-account abusers, and anyone else who just really likes slicing into a seared, juicy symbol of American excess. The enduring appeal of a perfectly cooked piece of beef explains why so many of our finest steakhouses (including many on this list) have been with us for generations, and why even the new entrants into the game are hesitant to mess with the format TOO much. From old to new, these are the 31 best places to score a steak in America.


“Where else but Idaho would you expect to find the perfect expression of meat and potatoes? Just try tearing into a cut of American wagyu from nearby Snake River farms, pairing it with a big baked Idaho potato (or some fennel-leek potatoes au gratin if you’re fancy!) and try not to grin like a ludicrously happy carnivore. And yes, it’s somewhat obligatory for out-of-towners to mention potatoes when writing about Idaho, but in all seriousness, Chandler’s could hold its own in the steakhouse hierarchy of any city in America.”

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