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An Interesting and Delectable Evening at Chandler’s Steakhouse in Boise Idaho

Article from Bicycle Bites – Vintage Bicycle & Beer Adventures of Tom & Jaime Morgan

On our August Culinary Adventure to Boise Idaho our farewell dinner was held at Chandler’s Steakhouse home of the 10 Minute Martini and in my opinion delicious upscale grub.

Located in downtown Boise Idaho at the new Hotel 43, Chandlers is an upscale dinner house specializing in prime corn fed steaks and Kobe-Style Beef. An incredible fresh seafood menu featuring delicacies from around the world and a three course prix fixe dinner menu featuring Idaho-sourced ingredients round out a menu that has already won praise from guests that have dined at Chandlers, not to mention the Best Steakhouse Award from the Idaho Statesman’s 2010 Best of the Treasure Valley.


Fresh ahi and hamachituna, diced and towered with avocado, tomato,red onion, red chili, ginger, and sesame seed vinaigrette with Asian sesame crisps.

This appetizer fit in perfectly with our 10 minute martini’s and the story they tell about them on their site describes them perfectly. We also had a surprise visit from the Secret Service.  John Andrew Boehner the current Speaker of the United States House of Representatives was in town doing some business and stopped in at the restaurant to have some dinner. He even stopped at our table for a few moments to say hello! Regardless of your politics, watching the Secret Service swoop in was an amazing sight.


Pan roasted Snake River sturgeon served with jade risotto and citrus butter.


Baked cream and fromage blanc cheese with vanilla, orange zest graham cracker crust, and wild-honey sauce.

Since we were on a Culinary Tour in Idaho, the menu they had for us consisted of all Idaho sourced ingredients and dishes. We had Sturgeon earlier in the week and it was so good I chose the Sturgeon off the menu. It was so buttery and melt in my mouth delicious and the rice was the best compliment to the entire meal. Don’t get me started about the dessert!! I would say that is was one of the best meals I have had in a long time and was the perfect end to a GREAT week.

I recommend this restaurant to anyone who lives or travels to Boise Idaho and appreciates a comfortable upscale environment, live music, great cocktails, and really good food. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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