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Boise’s Place for Celebrations

For birthdays and anniversaries, Chandlers is Boise’s go-to for special occasions. One reason for that is our chocolate soufflé. 

Soufflés originated from the French culinary bible by Auguste Escoffier, considered “The Chef of Kings and The King of Chefs.” Published in 1903, Le Guide Culinaire instantly became the must-have resource for understanding and preparing French cuisine. Over 100 years later, it is still an essential resource for professional chefs. 

3 Differences Between Chocolate Soufflé vs Molten Lava Cake

While often confused, soufflés are very different from molten lava cakes. 

  1. Texture: While they may look similar and use similar ingredients, the big difference comes in the texture. Lava cake has a runny center, whereas a soufflé incorporates whipped egg whites that puff up as it cooks to create a pillowy texture. 
  2. Density: Lava cake, because of the gooey center, is a much wetter and denser cake. The very essence of a soufflé is its characteristic lightness. 
  3. Presentation: Lava cakes get inverted onto a serving dish so when cut into a chocolate river flows. Soufflés are baked and served in a ramekin and start to deflate soon after being removed from the oven. 

“A souffle can be waited for,
but it can never wait.”

Madame Saint-Ange

While a classic, soufflés are also amazingly technical. The cooking temperature needs to be precise, and of course, there’s always the risk of it falling.

Pastry chef, Angie Snow, explains, “Making soufflés is all about precision. There are at least eight times during the process where things can go wrong. Mastering the technique is essential. Even how the ramekin is buttered can make or break the final dessert.”

Making 30-50 soufflés each day from scratch has made Angie an expert. She continues, “We have a dedicated convection oven just for the soufflés and, of course, no slamming the door!”

The Only True Chocolate Soufflé in Boise

We’d wager to say we’re not the only ones in Boise to serve an authentic chocolate soufflé but in Idaho!

Everything about this dish is impressive, including the tableside presentation. The piping hot dish arrives topped with a dusting of powdered sugar. The server gently opens the top and fills the well with Grand Marnier whipped cream and a warm Dutch chocolate sauce. Rich and velvety, this dessert is a celebration in and of itself. 

Whether you’re celebrating a specific occasion or just a night out, Chandlers and our chocolate soufflé are sure to make it memorable.