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Facebook Fan of the Month: November 2011

Congratulations to Rachel Larson Wurzer! Rachel won a dinner for two at Chandlers, plus a night at the Hotel 43.

Here’s one of Rachel’s recent posts on our Facebook page in November…

“Last February, my husband and I spent our five year anniversary with a night out at Chandlers and Hotel 43. This was our first date night in at least a year, and the first time seeing each other in THREE months! My husband has worked in North Dakota for almost three years now. Up until March of this year we had been doing the long distance thing, only seeing each other every two or three months for a couple of days at a time. As hard as this was for us to be apart, we also have two little girls who were really missing their daddy. We decided we couldn’t live like that anymore and had to be under the same roof again. The housing in ND is pretty much non existent because of the oil boom, so we decided to buy a fifth wheel camper. So for the past year and a half the four of us have been living in our camper! That basically translates into, no alone time for my husband and I. We love our kids more than anything but we also need time to be a couple. The only time we get a date night is when we go back to Idaho to visit family, which for me and my husband to both get down there only happens once or twice a year. We need a date night and I can’t think of a better one than dinner at Chandlers and a night at Hotel 43. We had the most amazing time when we went for our anniversary! We still talk about it. The drinks are amazing, the food is to die for and the hotel is a perfect end to a perfect night. Is it bad that we had more fun on our five year anniversary than we did at our wedding? Or maybe it means we are doing something right! We would love to recreate that night!”

– Rachel

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