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Facebook Fans of the Month: October 2011

Congratulations to Erin Miller Jones and Todd Campbell! This month we selected two winners to be the Chandlers Facebook Fan(s) of the Month! Erin and Todd each won a dinner for two at Chandlers, plus a night at the Hotel 43.

Here are the compelling stories they submitted on our Facebook page in October…

“I have to start this out by admitting I’ve never actually been to Chandlers. But its not for lack of wanting to go. For over a year and a half my husband and I have been working our behinds off trying to become debt free. We’ve paid off tens of thousands of dollars in that time and didn’t have the budget for a nice restaurant. In that time we’ve pretty much only stepped foot into restaurants we received gift cards to. When we first started our financial diet we decided that when the day finally came that we were out of debt we would treat ourselves and our family to a fabulous dinner in Boise’s finest restaurant. From everything I’ve heard, that’s Chandler’s! After 19 long months that day is finally here. At the end of November my husband and I have reservations for a party of six. We are taking my parents and his parents out to a lovely dinner paid for by us and us alone. We are also celebrating my mom’s 61st birthday and my mother-in-law’s retirement all occurring that same week. I am very much looking forward to celebrating our new found financial freedom with an amazing meal I didn’t have to cook myself and a glass of nice wine that didn’t come from a cardboard box. We can’t wait to experience all Chandlers has to offer 🙂 ”
– Erin Miller Jones

“19 years ago in Oct. I married my beautiful wife then ten months later I was deployed to SW Asia missing our first and second anniversary. For our third, fourth, and fifth I was either removing snow or involved in base wide exercises. For the eighth I was sent to S. Korea. For the ninth I wad unemployeed. Tenth rolles around and I am recalled back to active duty to fight the War on Terror where the next two were spent. 2004 rolls around and I was released for active duty in Sept. disabled and unemployed until 2005. 2006-07 work has always prevented us from celebrating our anniversary. 2008-present unemployed once again. I do not regret serving my country but I do regret not being able to celebrate our wedding anniversary.”

– Todd Campbell

Want a chance at being the next Chandlers Facebook Fan of the Month, where you could win dinner for two at Chandlers plus a night at Hotel 43? Learn how here.

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