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Boise Seafood: Halibut

Curious how Chandlers has the freshest seafood in Boise? Read on and make sure to click below to see the corresponding Google web story, including video!

Why Choose Halibut?

If you’re looking at the seafood menu, wondering what to have, halibut is:

  • a white fish with a gentle, almost sweet, flavor
  • firm, but tender in texture with large flakes
  • a great selection for people that don’t normally eat fish
  • so mild that it can stand up to stronger-flavored sauces and absorbs seasonings exceptionally well

Where Does Our Halibut Come From?

Short answer – it depends on the season.

Slightly longer answer – 

  • Most of the year, it comes from Alaska as their season typically runs from February – December.
  • In the shoulder season, we get our product from the waters of the Atlantic.

And how can a restaurant in a landlocked state claim to have the freshest seafood? Easy! Our jet-fresh program. Fish that were in the ocean just hours before are packed on ice and sent overnight to us. This is what makes Chandlers Boise’s premier seafood restaurant and why we are confident in saying there’s no fresher halibut in Boise!

50 pounds of jet-fresh halibut
Manny makes quick work of butchering
Doesn’t get much cleaner than this!

Once we pick it up from the airport, our butcher Manny gets to work!

Halibut is one of the largest fish in the flounder family, growing up to 9′ long. They are flatfish that yield 4 fillets, or fletches.

After the fish is butchered, the filets are cleaned, portioned and ready for service!

What to Drink with Halibut?

Overall it would depend on the preparation and sauce.

Chandlers offering is pan-seared and served with fingerling potatoes, spinach, fava beans, sautéed asparagus and a lemon dill beurre blanc sauce. It’s always all about what you like, but our recommendations would be:


Not to worry – our sommeliers are always available to help you choose the perfect bottle from our award-winning Wine Spectator Best of Award of Excellence list.

  • California Chardonnay – malolactic fermentation that is stylistically common in Chardonnays from California adds a creaminess that pairs well with the butter in the sauce, and the oakiness is a nice complement
  • White Burgundy – offers higher acid which helps cut through the butter in the dish
  • French Burgundy – if you’re only a red wine drinker, or looking for one bottle that goes with multiple dishes at the table, look to a Pinot Noir from France for less fruit and softer, more feminine flavors to bridge the gap


  • Pilsner – think light and crisp


  • Martini – always a solid choice, with either vodka or gin

SEA Ya Soon!

If you’re looking for seafood in downtown Boise, you found the spot! Read about some of our other dishes, and we look forward to ”sea”ing you hopefully real soon!

Pan-seared halibut, fingerling potatoes, spinach, fava beans, sautéed asparagus, lemon dill beurre blanc